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Chatter post

A post for general discussion related to just about everything. Doesn't have to be related to Lord of the Rings.

Try to be polite

This is also where you should keep your "debates" about prompts too, no need to clutter the prompt post.

Prompt post 1

Welcome to Lordofthekink, a kink meme for the Lord of the Rings universe.

(This includes the books, movies, The Hobbit, and all supporting materials related to the Lord of the Rings universe)

When posting:

Be polite
No kink shaming*
Try to include a header in your prompt (ex: A Gimli/Legolas prompt should include "Legolas/Gimli" and an additional note for the prompt if you so desire.)
Multiple fills not only accepted but encouraged
Can request a certain type of fill.
All types of fills accepted. Written, art, interpretive dance...
RPF is allowed, but please include a tag for it in your header.
Please warn for subjects of a triggering nature in your header (Such as rape, eating disorders, etc)
No prompt hijacking
Try to limit chatter to the chatter post.
All characters in sexually explicit work must be over 16 (Can be younger if sexual content is only implicit)
Crossovers are allowed. When prompting for one, include a note in the header. When filling, try to check if the prompter would be alright with it if there isn't a request for one.
You are allowed to mock the admin's account name.

*There is a fine line between kink shaming and "respectful disagreement" and generally if you have a problem try to limit discussion to the chatter post

Sound the horn

The "Alert the Mod" post, for if you feel that there is anything that should be brought to my attention.

There is only one moderator at this time, so depending on my schedule it might take a little bit to respond to you if it doesn't seem especially urgent.
Please try to be clear about your problem, if your problem is with a specific post (request for a deletion, or the poster was rude, etc) please be sure to include a link.



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